Youth Advocate Coordinators


To provide youth of East Union with an adult mentor to promote learning and friendship for growth to Christ likeness. This program promotes adult to youth mentoring of youth from junior high through high school age.


A. Make contacts with all youth and their parents as the youth enters 6th grade, explaining the mentoring program to them.

B. In cooperation with the new youth and their parents, make list of several adult persons that would be suitable matches for mentoring. Make arrangements with their choices to arrange new mentoring pairs.

C. Comply with and provide all mentors with a copy of the East Union Sexual Misconduct Policy.

D. Provide encouragement, activity suggestions, or coordinate group activities to promote mentor interaction.

E. By virtue of the office, one coordinator will serve on the Christian Nurture Committee.

F. Submit financial requests to Nurture Committee.

G. Provide report of the year’s activity and mentor pairs to the Nurture Committee and to the pastor each year.

H. Provide report to Annual Business Meeting.


A. Accountable to Christian Nurture Committee.

B. Membership – two persons/couples. One person/couple selected annually by Christian Nurture Committee to serve a two-year term.

Other Job Descriptions: