SEPTEMBER 1, 2017- August 31, 2018

Pastor– Joel Beachy

 On October 4 East Union installed our new pastor, J. Joel Beachy

Pastor J. Joel Beachy with wife, Christine and sons, Isaac & Lucas

Board of Elders– Karen Harvey ’18, Larry Detweiler ’19, Wanda Yoder ’20, Will Miller ’21, Joel Beachy
Office Manager– Crystal Wade


Church Council Members
Greg Yoder, Moderator ‘20
Kyle Troyer, Trustee ‘19
Becky Yoder, Nurture Chair ’19
Paulette Hershberger, Council Member at Large ’18
Marvin Slabaugh, Council Member at Large ’19
Karen Harvey, Elder ‘18
Rachel Yoder, Secretary ’18
Nyle Kauffman, Missions & Service Communicator. ‘20
Phil Yoder, Church Finance Officer ’19
Joel Beachy, Pastor


Janitor– Joe and Carmen Fernau, Will and Emily Miller, Norman Schrock


Environmental Technician– Nelson Miller, Norman Schrock


Church Finance Officer– Phil Yoder‘19


S. S. Superintendents
Adult– Joe Schmidt ’18, Don Zook ’19
Pr/Jr– Carrie Schmidt ’18
Early Childhood Coordinator – Sandi Rhodes ’18


Music Committee– Steve Groenewold ’18 co-chair, Warren Yoder ’18 co-chair


Worship Committee– Tammy Yoder ’18, Meghan Schrag ’19 Wanda Yoder (Elder) , Warren Yoder (Music Committee Rep), Joel Beachy
Choristers– Steve Groenewold,  Lisa Schmidt, Warren Yoder, Tammy Yoder


Trustees– Dave Yoder ’18, Kyle Troyer ’19 (chair), Joel Miiller ’20


IMS Board Representative– Renae Miller ’20


Library Committee– Carolyn Detweiler ’18, Renae Miller ’19, Carrie Schmidt ’20


Nurture Committee–Joe Schmidt, RAchel Yoder, JOnathan Miller, Carolyn Detweiler, Rebecca Beachy Miller, Carrie Schmidt, Betsy Slabaugh, Emily Miller, Becky Yoder ’18 (chair), Christine Maust Beachy ’19 (assistant chair)


Bible School Committee–  Rachel Yoder ’18, Christine Maust Beachy ’19, Lisa Yoder ’20


Extension/Iowa Mennonite Benevolent Association– Mary Miller ’18, Bruce Harvey ’19


Delegate Central Plains Conference–   Allison Troyer ’18, Ed Yoder ’18, Nyle Kauffman ’19, Elvesta Hochstedler ’19, Micah Miller – Youth Delegate, Nyle Kauffman – Missions & Service Communicator ’20, Joel Beachy


Gift Discernment Committee–  Allison Troyer ’18, Matt Miller ’19, Carolyn Detweiler ’20, Will Miller, Elder, Joel Beachy


MDS Representative – Catrina Miiller ’20


Church Historian– Nyle Kauffman ’18


SIMCA– Chris Rhodes ‘19


General Assembly Delegates– Janet Geyer ’18, Phil Yoder ’18, Nyle Kauffman ’19


Visitation Team Members– Nyle & Lauralee Kauffman, Jane Miller, Janet Geyer, Norman Schrock,  Ed Yoder,  Phil Yoder, Vera Yoder, Verna Zook, Lois Gugel, Denny & Becky Yoder, Ken Hochstedler, Will Miller
Second Century Chronicle Editor– Crystal Wade
Congregational Life Editor – Jane Miller ’18
Rep. to Iowa MCC Relief Sale– Bruce Harvey ’18, Janet Geyer ’19
Cemetery Sexton– Loren Hochstedler ’19, Doyle Geyer ’19
Head Ushers–  Joe Schmidt ’18, Doug Stoltzfus ’18, Jerry Miller ’19, Jeff Boller ’19
Assistant Ushers–  Loretta Kauffman ’18, Dirk Logan ’18, Angie Beary ’18, Mark Beary ’18
P.A. Operators– Dave Yoder,  Kyle Troyer, Josh Yoder, Tom Miller
Everence Contact Person– Bruce Harvey ‘120
MarriageCare Team – Doyle & Janet Geyer ’18, Phil & Judy Yoder ’19, Nolan & Lori Gerber ’20


President– Lauralee Kauffman
Vice-President– Grace Rempel
Secretary/Treasurer– Dorothea Moberly
Service Committee– Ed & Jane Miller 3/17 – 2/18, Don & Verna Zook 9/17 – 8/18, Marv & Grace Rempel 3/18 – 2/19
Quilt Committee– Lauralee Kauffman & Jane Miller
Good Cheer– Anna Yoder
Hospitality Coordinator – Lauralee Kauffman ’19
Coffee & Kitchen Committee– Vera Yoder
Crowded Closet– Grace Rempel
Women’s Fellowship Banquet– Lisa Yoder & Joani Miller


Venture Club –  Greg Yoder ’18, Emily Miller ’18, Chris Rhodes ’19, Allison Troyer ’19
Jr. MYF Sponsors– Jon & Carrie Miller ’18
MYF Sponsors– Tom & Rebecca Miller ’18, Warren & Emily Yoder ’19

Youth Advocate Coordinators–Betsy Slabaugh ’18, Emily Miller ’19